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Trip to London - stay in Marylebone or Westminster?

Hi there! My family of 4 is traveling to London before Christmas this year. It is our first trip! 3 adults and 1 teen. We will be doing a short term rental and I have found two properties that I like. Would appreciate any feedback on these locations!

  1. Marylebone, on Linhope street, near Baker Street. Seems to have a more residential feel. This one is managed by Ivy Lettings and appears to have good ratings.

  2. Westminster, on Howick Place (one block south of Victoria street), near St James Park. More centrally located, seems to have an urban feel. The management company has called this apartment complex "Victoria Street Apartments". I can't find any reviews of this specific apartment. It is managed by Silver Door Company.

Thanks in advance!

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Marylebone option puts you close to Regents Park, as well as Madame Tussauds.

Westminster option puts you closer to the Palace and Parliament Square.

Either neighborhood is fine.

Make sure your deposit is refundable.

I’ve heard of Ivy Lettings, not heard of Silver Door.

Research where the Underground stations are located near each property.

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I realize this is pedantic, and most won't care, and mostly we understand the question, but just for the sake of accuracy both St James's and Marylebone are in the city of Westminster. Sort of like staying in SoHo or Manhattan....

(and yes, I know that Google Maps gets it wrong too)

oh, and Howick Place (not street) I would call Victoria not St James's although could pass as either. Estate agents would much rather call somewhere St James's than Victoria - much more caché, much posher....

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Thank you both! I updated the post to reflect Howick Place. And appreciate the clarifications.