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Trip experience

Not a question but a comment on our recent travel experience. Based on that I have two pieces of advice

Do not check your bags. Yeah...said all the time. The first time in 30 years of travel mine was lost and took three days to catch up to me.

Purchase good trip insurance. It is expensive but so far has been worth it. My husband fell and badly broke his leg. He is in hospital for two weeks. The medical team of our insurance got involved from the start. His travel home will be taken care of. Worth every penny.

Aside from that I have learned the people of Chester have hearts as big as the sky. I have been invited into homes for dinner by strangers, given drinks in the pub we stayed in for free, gotten hugs from people I barely know.

Cheers, Chester.

Everyone enjoy their travels!

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Oh my word, Ann!! So sorry about your husband’s break! That is no way to enjoy a vacation!

I’m glad your luggage caught up but 2 lessons for 1 trip is too much!

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So sorry to hear of your husband's injury -- hope he has a speedy, complete recovery!

Just curious - how small are your carry-on bags, and have you found you've needed EVERY cubic centimeter of available interior space, or is there a little spare room in your bags, even after you've packed everything? And do your bags have wheels? Spinners or two rolling wheels?

Hope the rest of your visit goes well!

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I'm so sorry about your husband's fall. How fortuitous that you bought such good insurance. If I may ask, what did you buy in terms of which company and which policy? Did they cover the expense of changing your return flight home? Would they have covered your expenses if you had had to have paid for lodging expenses while your husband was in the hospital?

What a wonderful thing to read about how kind the people of Chester are. That a pub gave you free lodging and that total strangers invited you to their homes for dinner is just incredibly lovely!

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Our carry on bags are 19". We pack with about one week's clothes and I have room to bring some small things home. Two wheeled..not spinners. Same for my husband. They only reason we didn't check was I had a hand injury early in the year and it still isn't one hundred percent. We also always pack spare undies and socks in our "personal" item on the plane. Saved me this time! I did have to purchase a few items to carry me through until my bag returned from walkabout but the airline said they will cover that.

Emma...thank you!

Re: travel insurance. I choose Allianz and got a mid grade policy. It has a substantial medical evacuation but I will have to wait to see how it all goes together for a real review. Their medical team has been courteous and efficient.

Thank you for your regards and concern.....he will be fine. Just a matter of healing.

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We travel a lot and have only lost a bag, once, in China, for 24 hours.

When we travel overseas, we usually are gone for 3-6 weeks. Sorry, but we don't want to pay hotel laundry prices, or have to find a place to wash our clothes every few days. We take one 24 inch suitcase to check and a brief case for me with wife one carry on that she can put under the airline seat.

Regarding trip insurance, yes, we always do that.

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When I travel alone, I check my bag since my upper body strength makes it hard for me to lift my fully-loaded bag. One of my pet peeves are people [women] who travel alone and expect a fellow passenger to lift their bags into the overhead bin for them. I also tend to check my bag on the homeward flight - it's full of dirty clothes and the good stuff is in my pack.

Some Medicare Advantage plans cover medical emergencies in Europe - that was one of the main reasons I chose the plan I'm on.

Glad to hear that the good people of Chester were so kind.

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So sorry about your misfortunes, especially the broken leg. Best wishes for your husband's recovery.

I'm sure Emma would agree that the kindness and thoughtfulness of her fellow Cestrians (great word!) is typical of many Brits. We've experienced it (though thankfully in less dire situations) many times in many parts of the UK.

My wife insists on getting insurance for our major trips. I mustn't show her this post or she'll want a more expensive policy! ;-)

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I just got back from London and will never fly again unless it is non-stop. 90% of the stress came from issues with security and the connections. And I agree that you should avoid checking bags whenever possible. I managed 2 carry-on bags for a week and it was plenty. In fact, I still over packed a little!

Travel insurance is like all insurance - it is a complete waste of money...unless you need it!

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We are flying next summer and we are flying non-stop from Cancun, three hours from our home.

Two years ago, we flew to Newark, spent the night and then did nonstop to Europe. At the age of 65 with a wife who is legally blind, we are big fans of nonstop!

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Yes, always spring for travel insurance. As much as you are paying for the entire trip it is a small price for peace of mind. A local couple in my area were in a horrific auto accident in Wales a few weeks ago, he was killed. Family started a Go Fund Me page as they didn't want to pay for travel insurance. During a tragedy you shouldn't have to worry with concerns regarding how to pay for things. If not for yourself at least buy it for your family members. IMHO.