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Traveling from Kent to Bruges

We will be lodging for a couple of nights at a farm house in a village in Kent for our visit to Canterbury Cathedral. From there we will travel to Bruges, and the journey presents some challenges. Rome2Rio shows the Eurostar departs from Ashford International only once a day, around 7AM, so this is close to impossible for our leisurely travel style. Alternatively, it looks like we must train back to a London train station to catch a Eurostar to Brussels, offered frequently throughout the day.
A friend suggested the cost of that train is double if purchased on the spot, so we are thinking we had better make arrangements prior to leaving the US. Our journey begins August 1st. We travel from Kent to Bruges on September 4th.
Thank you for experience based tips and recommendations.

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You can book a through ticket from Canterbury to Bruges on the UK version of the Eurostar site.

You will have to travel via St Pancras or Ebbsfleet – that’s just the way it is.

Bookings for 4 Sept seem to open on 12 June.

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"A friend suggested the cost of that train is double if purchased on the spot,"

At least double, buy well in advance to get a cheaper price.

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No need to go to British site. You can book now at

There is only one direct train from Ashford, however if you go into London to start your journey there are several departures to choose from. There is a direct train from Canterbury west to Paddington station that runs several times a day. You would then have to take the tube to St. Pancras to start your journey to Brugge.

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No, trains from Canterbury don't go to Paddington. The fastest trains from Canterbury go to St Pancras where the Eurostar leaves from. See my reply on the Belgium board for more details.

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Phillip - You are right as always:). I must have been sleep typing as I knew that! :). Thanks for correcting it!