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Traveling from Amsterdam to London Heathrow. Flying to Los Angeles from London Heathrow


I will be flying from Amsterdam to London Heathrow airport. There I will board my second flight from Heathrow to Los Angeles. These two flights are not connecting, just hours apart. My question is will I have to go through customs twice? When I arrive and when I prepare to leave again? Or can I just travel from terminal to terminal? I’m aware I will have to check in for my last flight, but I’m. It sure if I have to leave and go through security again.

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If your two flights are not on a joint ticket, it will be like starting over in Heathrow. Don't worry about customs, it's the immigration and security procedure that will take up time (and if you can't check your luggage all the way through, it will have to be retrieved.)

Surely you can buy an Amsterdam-LA flight on a single ticket, either non-stop or with a connection at whatever gateway airport is cheapest/fastest?