TravelCards in Windsor

My Mother in law, my 10 y/o son and I are traveling to London for a week. We are going straight to Windsor from Heathrow by the way of a cab for the first night and then a B&B near Victoria Station for the rest of our stay. I think we will try to purchase a travelcard at a National Rail Line station in order to take advantage of the 2for1 promo. My question is there a NRL station to purchase a paper travelcard in Windsor? Sorry to be so wordy.

Posted by Marco
Oxford, United Kingdom
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There are two stations in Windsor, Windsor & Eton Central (trains to Paddington) and Windsor & Eton Riverside (trains to Waterloo). You can get to Victoria from the latter by changing at Clapham Junction.

I take it you are thinking of buying a 7-day travelcard (don't forget a photo). You should be able to buy this at the Windsor stations, for the zones you need. Note that this would not cover the journey from Windsor; you would need to buy a ticket from Windsor to the zone boundary of the travelcard.

Your son would need a child's rate ticket to London, but there would travel free on bus, tube, tram etc if with you.

Pre-book a Windsor-based taxi from Heathrow to Windsor as taking a London cab would be expensive.