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Travelcards in London

I am planning to pay admission fees for The Tower, The Eye, and Kew Gardens in London. All the other places from my list are free. Does it make sense to buy a Travelcard to get 2-4-1, please? My wife and I will spend 2 weeks in London.
If "yes", this is the "road-map" for getting Travelcards:
Right after arrival I buy 2 paper seven-days Travelcards, issued by National Rail (Train Stations). Apartment rental is on Guilford St., close to Russel Square, is it Zone 1? If it is, I shall buy Zone 1-2 Travelcards for 32.40 each. I understand we need a passport size photo for each Travelcard. When they expire, I repeat the purchase.
These paper Travelcards would save us money for public transportation, and provide 2-4-1 discount for sightseeing.

Correct me , if I am wrong, please.

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Yes, Russell Square is in Zone 1. You can see this on the official tube map here

As to whether Travelcards save money over getting Oyster Cards (which are valid in all zones), it depends on how much travel you will be doing. Kew Gardens station is in Zones 3/4 (border station); a zone 1+2 ticket is not valid.
Travelcards are personal, they each need a photo to make sure the correct person is using it.