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Travelcard Activization

I purchased and received my 7-day travelcard, but it came with no instructions. Do I need to activate it somehow or can I start using it?

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Is it a paper one or on an Oyster?

If it is a paper one, what is the date printed on it?

If it is an Oyster, what date did you ask for it to begin?

Is it a Zone 6 Travelcard or a Zone 1+2?

When do you arrive? Or are you already in London?

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It is valid in the zones printed on it, and it is valid until 4:30 am on the day after the date printed on it. The date should be the expiration date, not the beginning date, or the big printed date is the expiration date and the little date is the start date, depending on the media used and the issuing company.

Is it issued by TfL or a train company? In the upper left corner does it have the "crows feet" of British Rail or the Roundel of the Underground?

If issued by TfL, it is not valid for 2 for 1 discounts of Days Out, if issued by a train company, it is.

If issued by a train company it must be accompanied by an official photocard which you will have to get from a booking office (no charge as long as you provide the photos); if issued by TfL you don't need a photocard.

With either, you show it to a bus driver and sit down, you show it to an inspector on a tram, you show it to a train conductor or ticket barrier staff member, or put it through the barrier remembering to take it as soon as it has been read, and you put it through an underground barrier ticket gate by inserting it in the slot at the front and remove it from the slot at the top, and do the same when leaving the underground. Only go through gates with a green check mark, if there is a red cross you can't use that one.

At the end of the week you have a paper bookmark or souvenir.

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