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Travel to Warner Bros Studio - Harry Potter

Any advice on the best and easiest way to get to Warner Bros Studio?
I am traveling in early July with my 11yo daughter.
We are staying in the Kensington area and plan to spend a day touring the studio.
I see there are two options - buying a ticket from Golden Tours or taking the train from London Euston to Watford, and then taking a bus.

Just curious if the forum had any wisdom to share as we make our travel decisions. Thank you.

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Golden Tours is 40 pounds per person....the train is 7.40 pound pp. We are taking the train this summer. ;) HP is in zone 9 so you can use Oyster Card to get there.

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... and from West Brompton it is £2.90! (or £4.70 peak)

Worth checking up if it is convenient, both by location and departure time.

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The only reason you should go with Golden Tours is if the tickets on the day you go are already sold out when you check, and Golden Tours still has an opening. Otherwise Golden Tours basically just gets you a long slow ride through boring London suburbs on a bus.

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I traveled with my 12 year old daughter about 5 years ago. Like you I considered all the options thinking it might be easier to just book the Golden Tours option, but in the end decided on the Euston to Watford train and then bus. It may seem like a lot of connections, but it was very easy to figure out and the way back we stopped at the British Library, which was also very worth it. Like was mentioned. Something else that we discovered is even though we had a very specific time to enter the studio tour, we ended up arriving about 45 minutes early and went right in, so at least at that time they were pretty flexible as long as you had a time that was close to the designated time which I know was my consideration if a train was delayed. Enjoy your trip!