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Travel Plans 2/14-2/20

My husband & I will be in London Feb 14-20. We are going to Salisbury for a Stonehenge tour the day following our arrival.

Our plan is to take the National Express to Victoria Coach Station as our hotel is Comfort Inn Buckingham Palace. It takes longer than Heathrow Express but it puts us just across the street from our hotel as well as giving us a general idea of where we are in the city. After checking into our London hotel, the plan is to go get our 7-day Zone 1/2 Travelcard from Victoria Station. We will then use the Travelcard to take the train to Clapham Junction. I have booked travel (2/14) on Southwester Railways from Clapham Junction to Salisbury with our return the following afternoon from Salisbury.

I just want to confirm that I can use our Travelcard for the train ride from Victoria to Clapham Junction. We will transfer to the train to Salisbury that we will use the train tickets that we have already reserved.

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It's a train because Clapham Junction doesn't have an Underground station. That station is in Zone 2 and when I plug that (Victoria-Clapham Junction) into the National Rail site it says that payment via Oyster can be used. That's why I'm asking if my Travelcard is valid via train.

I've never used public transportation anywhere so all the terminology they use is a little confusing.

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If you have a Travelcard on your Oyster card there is absolutely no reason to scan out at Clapham Junction and go back in. The only issue would be if you had PAYG cash on the Oyster card, in which case there is a risk that you might be charged a maximum fare for not scanning out.

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Indeed this is so. For some reason I had flipped into PAYG mode so I have deleted that bit. The OP could though have also bought a ticket to Salisbury valid from the boundary of Zone 2 rather than Clapham junction which may have saved a few pennies. Or indeed one from London Terminals that would have been valid from Victoria, if the need for a 7day travel card was reassessed.