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Travel from London City Airport (LCY) any suggestions or reviews?

We will be flying into Heathrow when we arrive in London. We will then travel to Florence., Italy. The British Airways flight from London to Florence departs form London City Airport. I had never heard of this airport before now. It's very close to city center. Have any of you flown out of this airport. I would like to book our flight but I'm a little hesitant since I know nothing about his airport. Please let me know your experience with flying out of this airport. Thank you.

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I have flown out of LCY many times, It is a very small airport and easy to get to by public transit.

I hope you are not trying to fly to Florence on the same day that you arrive into Heathrow. It would be a very bad choice to travel from LHR to LCY to try to catch a flight.

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Is the booking you are contemplating "Origincity"-LHR, LCY-FLR all a SINGLE booking?

If not, plan on arriving at LHR one day and then departing LCY the next day.

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I've flown in and out if LCY numerous times. Very easy and small.

It can get very crowded and the gates are not announced that far in advance. But it's easier to deal with than any other airport on London. No walking for miles, just a few hundred feet.

Also, no jetways, you will go outside and use stairs to board.

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Agree with everyone about the quality of the airport and the transport links, but I would like to stress again that it is not a good idea to try to connect directly from Heathrow to City without leaving several hours (I'd set at least six in case of delays) in between.

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We will arrive in London at heathrow and stay in London for 5 nights. When we leave London we will head to Florence and fly out of london city airport.