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Travel from Heathrow Airport to Archway tube station

Hello. My daughter and I will be arriving at London Heathrow airport about 14:00 on June 22. We are staying near the Archway tube station. I used the transport for London website to figure out how to get from the airport to that tube station, but the route provided began with leaving the airport on the Heathrow Express. I would like to forego the expense of the Express and take only tube trains to my destination. I have the following questions about this:
1) Is it possible to take just the tube from Heathrow Airport to Archway Tube Station?
2)If so, how do I do it; ie what line do I take from the airport and where/when do I transfer to end up at Archway station?
3)Approx how long should it take from the time I board at the airport until I get off at Archway?
4)I plan to buy 7-day travel cards for our 5-day stay in London for zones 1 and 2. Am I correct in understanding that I can buy that card at the airport (where exactly?) and add to it for the trip from the airport into London?
5) What is the approx add'l cost to travel from Heathrow?

Thank you for your help.

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When you go to journey planner, click on "Travel options and accessibility" button and you can unselect all transport options except Underground. You'll see Piccadilly line to Leicester Square changing to the Northern Line to Archway. Takes about 70 minutes.

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Sam already provided info regarding your route, so I'll just address your last two items.

It is too late to purchase a Visitors Oyster Card, so once at Heathrow you'll go to the Underground (tube) Station. At one of the windows manned by an attendant, tell them you want to purchase two Oyster Cards each loaded with a 7-day travel card for Zones 1 & 2, plus an additional £15 per card. The additional £15 should more than cover your travel to and from Heathrow (assuming you'll be returning there to fly out), plus any additional trips you might make outside Zones 1 & 2. If you don't need to return to Heathrow, then £10 should be enough. The Oyster card will cost you £5, but you can get that refunded plus any pay-as-you-go extra funds remaining on the card.

You didn't mention your daughter's age, but the above info is for two adults. BTW, you don't have to worry about having cash to do this - they take credit cards.

Have a great trip!

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I'll add one other travel tip. At nearly any Underground station you should be able to find a small Pocket sized Tube Map on the counters by the manned ticket windows. They are invaluable. However, if, like me, your eyesight no longer does well with small print make certain you have your reading glasses. You'll have about a 30-40 minute tube ride into the city centre every day so you'll have time to study the map.

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With luggage, I would not change at Leicester Square. The stairs are many. Stay on til Kings Cross/St Pancras and change there.