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Travel by Avanti West from Euston to Liverpool on July 20

I know we have discussed this strike before on this forum but today i received an email from Avanti indicating that my 11;15 train has been cancelled. When i go to the website they still show my ticket as being valid? Any idea of whether they will be running that train or other trains that day on that route or will there be a time when they will notify everyone? Thank You

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That is very odd as they have published the strike day timetable today for 20 July and the 1115 train is running, diverted via Birmingham, arriving at 1445-
Services are hourly-
0717 arrive 1103;
0819 arrive 1209
0918 arrive 1303
1019 arrive 1408
1115 as above
1219 arrive 1604
1314 arrive 1703
1419 arrive 1812
1516 arrive 1845
last train.

You need to contact Avanti but what has probably happened is that they have cancelled the train as originally booked, then put the new timings into the national computer as what is called an STP schedule (a special timetable for that day only).

These timings are the public timetable, but I have just checked the working timetable (the internal timetable) and it is also shown as running.

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The 1115 is scheduled to depart from Platform 5 at Euston.

The train set which forms your 1115 will have arrived from Wolverhampton on it's first journey of the day at 1029.

London North Western Railway are also scheduled to run trains at xx.23 to Birmingham. The 1123 arrives Birmingham New Street at 1344. The connection to Liverpool leaves at xx.34. So the 1434 arrives at 1617.

You probably have an advance ticket on Avanti so you wouldn't be allowed to use LNWR, but it is information for others. The last of those trains departs at 1534.

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Thank you both for your timely replies. Ii would assume our original Tx still work.

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Your original ticket will work, as no one will know when it was issued, or at least no one would ever look that closely at the coding on it.
However as your train was cancelled, then reinstated as a new train, you may well find that your assigned seat doesn't exist.

There is at least one unreserved car (Car C- 3rd from front- the food car). If it is an 11 coach train (which won't be known until about 0730 that day) there is a 2nd unreserved car- Car U-the car between first and standard class towards the back of the train.

You could see if you can book a new seat- see here-

But if you can't and are in London the previous day try to reserve a seat at any main line station.

As it's Day 5 of the Open I can't see the train being totally full to the extent that there is no available seat anywhere. If need be see the train manager, explain what has happened and they may upgrade you to first class if that is the only option.