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Travel between England, Ireland & France

Is there ease traveling between these three countries where I could pop over for a day to each. Going to be in England for about 11 full days (excluding travel time). Will be in Liverpool for a few days and wondered if I could catch a flight on Ryanair for a half day in Dublin and later on in the trip while in London take the EuroStar into Paris. How is entry/reentry process into these countries? Thanks!

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Last-minute tickets for those jaunts could be pretty expensive. If you're in a position to lock down your plans months in advance you can save some money.

When considering flights, check the departure and arrival airports very carefully. Some of the budget flights use airports far away from the city you're allegedly flying to. You could end up with a very long and very costly commute into town.

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Crump, assuming you are a US citizen, there is no prior registration required for entering/exiting the UK, Republic of Ireland or the Schengen area.
But, tickets are a lot lot cheaper if booked in advance. In the case of the Eurostar, UK exit and French entry passport checks are done at St Pancras station in London before you get on the train Hence requirement to be at the station at least 30 minutes before departure. Vice versa at Gare du Nord when leaving Paris.
Current Eurostar timetable is here, next year's will be similar:

11 days, touring England, plus time in London, leaves little for an excursion to Paris, which is worth more than a day trip.

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Dublin isn't worth the hassle of getting there for only half a day, as it will take you an hour to get from your hotel to the airport, you will need to be at the airport at least an hour before your flight to have a chance of getting through security, then the flight is c an hour then 45 minutes to get off the plane and through the airport. That's nearly 4 hours before you even contemplate getting into the city centre and you have the same on the return leg.

Paris can be done as a very long day, but it deserves longer and allowing for check in time etc, it will take over 4 hours each way door to door.

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I would agree that from the UK heading for Paris or Dublin for a day trip is pushing it, if you can dedicate a night, preferably two, it would be much better. For both, as was mentioned, if you book well ahead it can be cheaper, Eurostar for Paris, Ryanair for Dublin, but Ryanair could be from Manchester, or from London, or someplace in between.

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If you're staying overnight, then probably makes more sense to fly from Dublin to Paris, then Eurostar to London.

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London to Dublin by train and ferry will take a whole day just for the journey, and the Irish Sea is notoriously rough at certain times of year. I would fly if you decide to go.

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