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transportation /train passes/renting car

Explain Britrail Flexipass to me. Not sure how to figure what we'll need on 14 day trip.

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Please. Thank you.

Brenda, if you can share a little of where you hope to be in your 14 days, several of us here have decent knowledge of driving in the UK, and using trains. The pass may be the best answer in your case, or it may not.

How many of you will be in the group? Any kids (ages?)? What country are you coming from? How soon is your trip?

The more detail that you provide, the more accurate and personal an answer can be provided.

A very general answer is that there are several varieties of the Britrail pass, valid in different parts of the UK, and for different periods of time. A flexipass means that you can spread out your travel days over a longer period and have unlimited access to most trains in the chosen area on those travel days.

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Need to know what travel you are thinking of. If you aren't intensively travelling by rail or want to do a lot of peak time travel a pass may be a waste.

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There are lots of options, best way to start is determine how many days you will actually be using the train. My 11 year old son and I did the 8 day BritPass in June and loved it. We did not make any reservations and had no problems catching trains. Most of the time we just went to the train station and the train that we needed to take would be leaving the station within the half hour. Trains were clean, efficient and much easier and cheaper than driving a car. I purchased ours on this website and received them within a week.