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Transportation to/from Gatwick

I apologize if this is a stupid question. I've looked back through previous posts, and it does seem like there's already a fair amount of questions about this, but I'm pretty overwhelmed by all the variables and all the choices, so I thought I'd ask about our particular circumstances.

We'll be in London later this month. My sister and I will already be there (staying in Fulham -- I think Parsons Green is the nearest tube station). My partner will be flying in and arriving at Gatwick. A few days later my sister will be flying out of Gatwick, and a few days after that my partner and I will be flying out of Gatwick together.

Given our location, can someone recommend the best way to get to and from Gatwick? I've looked at the Gatwick Express, but is there any benefit to that over and above just a regular train? What would be the most affordable option that allows a little flexibility? I'd really like something that doesn't hold us down to a specific time, especially for my partner's arrival, since I don't know how long it will take him to get through customs, etc., after his flight.

Thank you!

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Use a regular train to Victoria - NOT the Express. The Express is about 40% more expensive and saves a couple of minutes. Just get your ticket on the day.

At Victoria change to the Underground, District line, and take that to Parsons Green. It will be a westbound train and it should be heading to Wimbledon - NOT Richmond or Ealing Broadway.

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Option 1: London Underground District Line train from Parsons Green to West Brompton. Exit and take an Overground Train to Clapham Junction. Exit and take a Southern train to Gatwick.

Option 2: District Line train from Parsons Green to Victoria Station to catch the Gatwick Express.

Do a dry run after commuter time to familiarize yourself with the route.

Hopefully our UK Forum responders can verify the
the “ most affordable option.”

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Cutting through all the various money saving options, just swipe in at Gatwick on your Oyster or contactless card, out again at Victoria main line station, in again at Victoria tube and out at Parsons Green, then the computer will charge you £12.20 between 9.30 am and 4pm, and after 7 pm Monday to Friday, and all day at weekends, £20.30 at other times. Travel on any train to Victoria except GEX.
There is a cheaper route avoiding Zone 1-see below.
So you just catch the first train to Victoria that way.
In almost all circumstances that will be the most flexible, best value way.
It doesn't matter if the flight is late, or crossing the border is slow.
Let's hope we don't get bogged down in this and that other way again, with a confusing and long thread.

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I've cross posted with Claudia. So the other route via Clapham Junction, which Claudia mentions is £2.70 cheaper off peak, £6.10 cheaper peak BUT, and this is really important, you need to watch out for the pink Oyster Card reader as you change at West Brompton, and swipe your payment card on that reader.
Ask staff if you can't find it.
Pink readers are routing readers, and are not hugely common on TfL. Swiping on that reader tells the computer that you have taken the cheaper route. Many tourists have probably never come across such a reader.