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Transportation question: Heathrow Airport to Bath England

I along with my husband and 5 year old son will be visiting England this summer. Although we are flying into London, we are staying in Bath the first three nights. What I want to know is...what’s the most economical and convenient way to get to our hotel in Bath upon our arrival to London’s Heathrow Airport?

Please keep in mind this will be an overnight flight with a 5 year old.

Private car service?

What is your recommendation? If it’s private car service, what company comes to mind?

Please help fellow travelers!

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In your circumstances, I would choose the private car service. It will be more relaxed and straightforward with a young child, and it will take you door to door.

As to which company, just Google "Bath private hire" and check out the different offerings there and their prices. The one I looked at quoted £135, and I doubt that the alternatives are much different.

Thanks for not asing for the "best and cheapest".

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The most convenient way is a private car service. You will have endured a long flight, be sleepy, possibly jet lagged, and have a five year old who may not be in the best of moods. Under those conditions having a private driver meet you inside the terminal and take you straight to Bath will, in my opinion, be well worth any extra cost. With three of you it's possible it will not cost that much more than other options. We have used a Bath based car service that was very good and would use them again. The web site is The email address to get a quote in

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If you’re going to have a rental car for the rest of you trip, then I’d say rental/hire car. If it’s by public transportation, then the private driver. Bath is just about two hours from Heathrow.

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We drove directly to Bath from Heathrow after an overnight flight. I am 70 and in good health. I managed the drive just fine. Of course, it is a personal thing that you need to decide.

A car service would be very expensive.

Check out the Brooks Guesthourse, for a great B&B.

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A taxi or hire car will be very expensive. I would check for National Express bus services. An alternative is to get the bus link to Reading and then the train from there to Bath.

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We used the National Express Bus service from Heathrow to Bath. It makes a few stops, but the scenery is beautiful and the bus was comfortable with a restroom on board. We booked several months in advance and got a very good price. The bus station is right there in downtown bath, so you can easily catch a taxi to your hotel, or perhaps even walk if your hotel is nearby.

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Where was the bus station in relationship to the airport? How long was the bus trip? And how much did it cost?

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Heathrow National Express bus information:

The Heathrow Central Bus station is near Terminals 2-3. The buses also stop outside T4 and T5, but you should check the calling points on the bus you select. It looks like not all the buses stop at T4 and T5.. You can find fares to Bath on the website.

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Exploring the website a bit, it appears that the direct bus to Bath departs from the Central Bus Station near Terminals 2-3. If you want to start at T 4 or 5, you tide the bus to the Central Station and change there.

The fare for 2 adults and a child for a random date in April started at £38,75.

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If you enter Terminal 5 into the NatEx search for services to Bath, it will include ones that require connecting into a local bus service from Bristol and backtracking. Avoid these. Arguably because of the enforced change from T5 the coach/train option is better.

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Some people choose bus over train based on cost, and sometimes there is a direct bus, but if you're planning more train travel using a BritRail pass, then this travel day could be covered like any other route (Heathrow Express to Paddington station and connect there to a direct train to Bath).