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Transportation from Heathrow to hotel in British Museum area

A couple of 60ish travelers with their bags. What means of ground transit do you recommend? Tube? Bus? Others?

Thanks Steevites as always


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If your hotel is near Russell Square, I'd take the direct airport bus from Heathrow - it's a tad slower, but much easier!

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It depends on how close you are a tube station and which station. The Piccadilly line goes from Heathrow to the British Museum area. If you are near the Holborn station, you'll have to go down 22 stairs from the platform to the escalators. Then you ride to street level. The area around Holborn is flat, so walking a couple of blocks is certainly doable, if you know the way. I am not familiar with the Russel Square station. The tube is cheapest. If you don't relish the stairs, then take one of the other options detailed above.

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Depending on how much luggage, you can get the Piccadilly Line to Russell Square much more cheaply. There are lifts at both ends, but Russell Square station has a short flight of stairs between the platform and lift.

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The A2 Airbus quit running several years ago.

What is the addess of your hotel? Will you be packing light enough to schlepp your own bags?

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If your hotel is walkable from the Picadilly line, then I'd go cheap with the Tube. Just board at Heathrow, where the train is empty, sit there for one hour, and done. If this doesn't look convenient, then buy up to the faster Heathrow Express + taxi plan.

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To echo some of the responses above... We just got back from London and we stayed at the Celtic Hotel which was a two minute walk from the Russell Square stop. Let me just say: how handy!!! Heathrow all the way to two minutes within our hotel. It was a factor in picking that hotel... We walked to the British Museum that same day despite our exhaustion. Whether you're 60 or 20, you can do it! :D

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If you'd welcome a completely step free route, take the Piccadilly Line to Kings Cross St Pancras. You could take a bus from there possibly (the 59 goes to Russell Sq itself) or take a short cab ride direct to your hotel.