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Train Windsor to Kensington

What is the best way to get from Windsor to doubletree:Hilton Kensington hotel

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"Best" way would be a private transfer. Failing that, train from Windsor to London Waterloo station, taxi to hotel.

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You have two options by train--Great Western from Windsor and Eton Central with connection at Slough and direct from Windsor and Eton Riverside to London Waterloo.

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"Thanks. I guess I should have said “cheapest” way."

OK, yet another way. Cheap, a little bit more trouble than the other suggestions.
Bus from Windsor to Heathrow central bus station. About 6 pounds. Enter the tube at Heathrow, use Oyster card to get to Gloucester Road station on the Piccadilly line. Cost of tube ride, probably take 4 to 6 pounds off your Oyster card.

Do read the reviews for the Doubletree Hilton Kensington hotel on Trip Advisor. And go back several pages--keep reading past the reviewers with one post who give it good reviews. Sometimes those with one or two reviews ONLY are paid reviewers, paid to give a property a good face. You want to get a true picture of this hotel and its reviews over a long period of time before making a reservation there. You are warned. My husband and I have stayed there; won't again.

Suggest instead:
Radisson Blu Edwardian Vanderbilt, 68--86 Cromwell Road, Kensington:

Also suggest: The Rembrandt Hotel, 11 Thurloe Place, Kensington:

Also suggest:
The Kensington Hotel, 109--113 Queen's Gate, Kensington:

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Emma, Norma and Thomas have given you the train information you are seeking.
There are great hotels in the Paddington station area.
There are great hotels near Waterloo station.
We can suggest some of these, unless you are wanting to stay with Kensington as a location.

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I've taken the Waterloo to Windsor train, absolutely NOT reccommended, it's from the train station in Windsor that is farther away from the Castle, and it's a *really long, commuter-train kind of ride.

Either Windsor to Paddington by train, or the Green Line coach bus picks you up right in front of the castle and goes to Victoria station, that I've done and it was really great unless you get in with a lot of people bringing kids back from LegoLand :)