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Train travel to York

Yes, here I am posting again! :)

I am trying to figure out the best way to travel to York from London and then back again a day or two later. In purchasing tickets, are there any family deals? And I would like to use our rail ticket stubs to get the "two-for-one" deals on attractions in London. Can anyone tell me what the exact requirements are to do this? Thank you!

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2 for 1 may be if little value to you. The Tower offers a family ticket that is a pretty good deal. There are not that many other attractions of interest thru that deal. We had the train tickets but never used them for the 2for1.

I think a car rental works out cheapest Heathrow to York to St. Albans to Thameslink train to Blackfriars station unless you are spending many days in York.

You will want to buy a group ticket in any case for rail travel. There is a train station near Heathrow that should offer tickets to York. In your case with your London accommodation location buying Oyster cards is probably an unwise use of time and money.

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Yes there are family deals if you do end up going back and forth from London to York but you'll have to do the math. My son's family bought a Friends and Family Card at the first train station they went to in London for £30. You can't order this card online. As they were buying their train tickets ahead of time online months in advance they always said they had the card. Once there they purchased the card before their first train journey and saw a tremendous savings (they were going to and from Oxford and to and from Edinburgh). You'll have to do the math though for your travel situation. Here's the link about the card and its savings. You purchase your tickets on the Virgintrain link already given to you.