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Train travel between Manchester and Glasgow--recommended stops or side trips?

Hello, I have a full day to travel from Manchester airport to Glasgow, leaving early in the morning and arriving in Glasgow by 6pm or so. Since I will be in Glasgow several days, I don't need to see anything there on the travel day.

My first choice was to take a bus to Lyme Park in the Peaks district, but it is closed that day of the week.
What about the town of Penrith? Is is worth a stop? Other suggestions, either near Manchester or along my route?

Remember, I will have a suitcase with me and need to either walk or use public transportation.

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Lancaster, Carlisle and Lockerbie will be along your route, but with luggage and the twists of the time table you might not be able to see more than the area around the station.

Best to check the time tables, but if it has been a long flight you might want to get to Glasgow sooner than later.

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Actually, I will have already spent 10 days in England--just dropping off the rental car and (driver!) at Manchester airport, and continuing on to Glasgow myself.

I can't get into my Glasgow accommodations until 6, so I'll have my suitcase with me regardless.

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Your challenge is finding someplace where you can leave your luggage while you tour. Unfortunately, Carlisle doesn't have left luggage as that would be a logical site. As of a couple of years ago it looks like you can pay a fee at a hotel or bar. See this discussion. You could certainly get in touch with one of these places and see if they will still help out. I've been searching to see if there are any day tours to Hadrian's Wall and am not finding any You might want to contact the Carlisle tourism office to see if there are any.

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Thanks, everyone, for your suggestions!

I have visited the length of Hadrain's Wall (loved it!) so I won't do that again.

The side trip to Carlisle looks interesting--just waiting to hear if either of the two businesses in the link will hold my suitcase. If they can't, I will take a morning train all the way to Glasgow and just enjoy a long lunch or tea with my suitcase while I wait.