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train travel

hello , can you help me, I would like to purchase train tickets in advance, can i purchase tickets indicating i have a railcard for discount even if i do not have card at this time? i would buy it when i arrive in scotlland. also i understand the best view traveling from edi to york and york to london is sitting on east or left side of train. when I view the seat map I cannot tell which side is which( im embarassed to admit ). i understand I will need to have railcard on me when i make my first journey. thank You

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Yes you can prebuy and indicate you already have the discount card.
You must have the card with you when you board the train though .

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Let Nigel answer this!!! but south bound I think you want seats on the right as you face the train layout diagram.
That gets you the coastal view.
I have had a couple of Black Sheep beers and it's scrambled my up line/ down line ,left / right comprehension

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On the LNER seat map, look at the direction of travel on the lower right corner.

If it shows the direction of travel is right to left, choose a seat at the bottom of the diagram. That will be on the left side of the train heading south.

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The tickets you should be looking for are called Advance Single.If you can't see these you are looking too early
Suggest you have a look at for information on rail travel in UK including how to book tickets from from abroad