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Train to london

Just found out the trainline which we were planning to take (tickets purchased) from Derby to St pancraes will.not be running sept 4. Has anyone taken a resin fro Nottingham or someplace near Derby. Thanks

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What do you mean you "just found out"? Was this a notification from the East Midlands train company that the service you booked will not be running? They should have suggested a substitute.

But according to the National Rail website, East Midlands will still be running one train per hour from Derby to St. Pancras.

And if you look at the Sept. 4 schedule, that is what they show. One direct train per hour, at :31 after the hour. So which train did you book?

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carolyn, I want to help you but you know this is not news to you. You say you just found out.

We discussed this on the 19th and on the 20th of August, both threads where you asked about interruptions to the service.

Please tell me what you mean by "taken a resin fro" ? Do you mean taxi?