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Train Tickets Ordered Online at TRAINLINE

I have some questions about train tickets I bought online in August for two separate trips my traveling companion and I are taking out of London during our upcoming holiday. I booked two seats out of Victoria Station to Tonbridge w a return one week later. I got an email w a digit and letter reference that I thought I need to enter into a machine in order to print two tickets out. Today, I’m getting all hotel, car and train confirmations printed out and I was looking at the train confirmations. They don’t show what I have paid, and my friends name was never asked for. I went to “view in the app” and there’s no train journeys listed under my account. I’m also seeing “don’t confuse the reference number w the all digit booking number”. There’s no booking digit booking number on the two emails I received after I made the payments. I’m really confused and I’m wondering if I actually have two tickets booked. I entered the station of Paddington as the place I’d be printing my tickets out, and it looks like there’s no machine at Paddington for this?

Do individual train tickets need the name of the passengers? Why wasn’t there a way to put both of our names in the reservations?
I don’t know if I have tickets or not! I used Trainline, but there’s no booking number only a reference.
I have an account in my name and there’s a place u can see upcoming journeys, but it says none.

Who do I need to contact? We’re arriving on 10 October and departing 10 November.
Thank you,

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I've never used Trainline. Have you tried asking them?

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I have not used Trainline for UK train tickets, but I have bought UK tickets online from National Rail UK. ( They send you to the relevant train company website to book). I got an 8-figure code (I think that is the right number) that I entered into the ticket machine, along with the same credit card I used to make the purchase. The machine then prints the tickets and a receipt.

Any train ticket machine at a National Rail train station ( not a tube station) ) will do this; it does not have to be the station you entered at purchase. But there are such machines at Paddington Station; I have used them upon arrival by Heathrow Express to pick up tickets. Look for them in the departure area near the front of the trains, and make sure younare not looking at Tube ticket machines.
There are no names on the tickets.

If you still have trouble, the station agent at the ticket window should be able to assist.

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You have to print those out at the station when you get to the UK.
I use trainline all the time for France and Spain and Italy but never for UK trains as my credit card works on the National Railways site

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There will be machines at Paddington to print the ticket out - they won't specifically be branded "Trainline", just go to the main ticket area and look or ask for machines to print prebooked tickets. You'll need to type in the code you received and maybe also insert the credit card you used to book.

There is absolutely no need for rail tickets to have your name or any other passenger's, they aren't like air tickets and you won't be expected to produce any other ID.

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Don't know what you are paying but normally with relatively short journeys like this, you just go to the station and ask for a return ticket. In this case, if I walked into Victoria today & asked for an Anytime Return to Tonbridge, it would be £28.60 per person. (One change of train needed I think). Direct trains go from Charing Cross and fro here, the pay on the day Anytime Return to Tonbridge is £22.60. would tell you all this and the you click ‘details’ it tells you if you have to change train en-route & where and what companies trains you are travelling on.

The code you have been given is the booking reference number - just put this into the ticket machine along with the SAME debit card that you made for the booking. Out will come your tickets. Nearly all stations have machines for doing this.

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Did you buy the tickets from Trainline themselves? My most recent use with Trainline was in May, I purchased the tickets online, received a confrimation e-mail with a collection reference. Went to my local station, placed my debit card in the machine and typed in the collection reference and out came the tickets. No names required on the tickets. Any station can be used to print the tickets, not just the one you're travelling from. There will be machines at Paddington, if you're seaching on the Trainline site for 'Paddington' you won't see any results, you need to search for 'London Paddington'.

You may have already seen the following on the FAQ page but just in case you haven't:

To collect your tickets you’ll need –

Debit/credit card – Sometimes you’ll need the same card that was used to make the booking, but other times you might be given the option to collect your tickets with any card. This can be handy if you’re buying tickets for someone else. You’ll have details of which card you’ll need in your booking confirmation.
Your collection reference – This is an eight-digit reference that’s a mixture of numbers and letters. You’ll find it in your confirmation email and on our app under "My tickets". Don’t confuse it with your booking confirmation number, which is either 10 or 12 digits.

How to collect your tickets –

Tap the button on screen to collect tickets.
Insert your debit/credit card. If you paid with PayPal you can insert any card.
Type in your collection reference.
Tap the button to print your tickets, check all you tickets before leaving the machine, if you're collecting multiple tickets there can be a small pause between each one printing.

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Thank you for clearing this up for me. After printing the email, I did see that it has the wording 2X Adult £7.50 and it shows a 10:05a departure from Victoria to Tonbridge w 0 changes, taking 53 minutes. The return was also £7.50 and its w 0 changes back into Victoria. Does this mean there WAS a direct train in August, but the schedule has changed and it’s no longer running as a 0 change out of Victoria?
Again, many thanks.

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What days are you taking the trains? There are no change services on weekends.

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Tonbridge is one train stop away from my local station. Direct trains are usually from Charing Cross, Waterloo East, London Bridge or Cannon Street, although the odd peak time service can run to Victoria. Victoria is also used if there are line problems to any of the aforementioned stations. At weekends, due to engineering work, trains often run into Victoria.

The local company is - it would have been easier buying tickets from them. Timetables are shown on this website. I can’t see a 10.05 Victoria departure, but I don’t know your dates of travel.

There are ticket machines at Paddington Station, as I have used them many times. You need to insert the credit card that you used to book the tickets. There are no cheap advance tickets on this route, so you haven’t saved any money by booking in advance.

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Southern Railway offers Advance tickets at weekends with direct trains from Victoria. Though it would be helpful to know the OP's travel dates as I can't see the quoted train times in the timetable.