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Train Tickets from Manchester Airport

I'm getting ready to purchase my train tickets for a trip to England in May 2020. I will be flying into Manchester from the USA and will then take a train to Leeds. My flight is scheduled to land at 9:10 AM. The TransPennine Express website says that at least one hour is required from terminal to train. Is this realistic? How much time would you allow between plane arrival and train departing? I will have to include time for picking up checked luggage.

There are direct trains departing at 10:10, 10:40, 11:10, 11:40, etc. There are currently airport advance tickets available for the 10:10 and 11:10 trains. The 10:40 train only has anytime tickets available. It would be nice to save some money, but I also don't really want to spend a lot of time waiting for a train.

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If it were me, I would allow two hours to get through customs, withdraw GBPs, freshen up and find the train station. Besides, who knows if your flight will arrive on time.

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Well, you have no control over when your flight lands. Why purchase tickets in advance? Saving money means taking a chance at missing the train. I would not buy the tickets until I got there. We went through Manchester Airport to go to Liverpool in 2017. The railway station was easy to get to, easy to navigate, with a coffee shop. Why the hurry?

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If landing at 9, I would book something after noon just to be safe OR buy on arrival.

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There's also buses to Leeds about every hour ,fares from £7 to £10.

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My understanding of the "airport advanced" ticket is that if the flight is delayed, you can take the next available train. My concern is if my plane lands as scheduled at 9:10 is an hour really enough time to get through immigration, pick up checked luggage, and walk to the train station? I’m thinking no, but I’ve never flown into Manchester before so thought I’d ask here.

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The terms and conditions in the link I provided state that you must allow an hour from terminal to train. That's sufficient time for TP Express to give this offer.

So yes with a planned arrival time of 9.10 you can book the 10.10 train. And if the plane is delayed your ticket is still valid for up to 3 hours.

Manchester ain't Heathrow.

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I have arrived at Manchester, been through immigration, picked up checked in luggage and made a train 45 minutes after we arrived. It is possible! It's 10-15 min walk from the terminal to the train station.

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I’ve flown into MAN twice, I’d say it was about 90 minutes or so.

But to Leeds? I’d probably just buy a walk up ticket, that’s a short trip and I can’t imagine the price difference is substantial. I’ve done Manchester airport to Liverpool and just bought when I got there.