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Train station codes

I am going to book a train from Oxford to York,then from York to London. We are staying at the Lord Milner, near Victoria station. What stations should I book for? What is the best sight to use for booking? Thanks , in advance.

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From Oxford, you would leave from Oxford station.
To York, you would go to York.
From York, you would leave from York.
From York to London, realize that whichever station you go into in London it won't be Victoria because all Victoria's trains go southbound towards the south coast not northeast - therefore you will need to use a bus or Underground or taxi to get to your hotel.

Trains from York arrive at either Euston station or Kings Cross. The faster and more direct ones come down the East Coast into Kings Cross and are operated by East Coast trains. The less direct ones are operated by Virgin Trains on a connection from Cross Country trains, probably in Birmingham, and arrive at Euston station.

From either Euston or Kings Cross you can take a Victoria Line Underground train to Victoria.

I wouldn't worry about the station codes - which do exist but which you won't need. The names are enough. It isn't like airports.

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The station codes only come into play when on National Rail Enquiries and are not essential. I would suggest doing ones detective work at as far as times etc. As far as bookings go, if you are using a pass bookings are not really essential especially in first class. For point to point tickets, you can buy them directly from the rail company in question in pounds .

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Service from Oxford to York is on Cross Country trains and service from York to London Kings Cross is on East Coast trains. However, you can book tickets on any train company site for service on any route. Last minute tickets for longer routes are very expensive. Book ASAP (usually about 12 weeks in advance) to get a discount fare. Those tickets will be for a specific departure date and time and are non-refundable and non-exchangeable so be sure you can commit before booking.

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Although I don't disagree with those above that knowing the railways station codes only saves you typing a few letters here they are for info:

  1. Oxford - OXF
  2. York - YRK
  3. London Kings Cross - KGX

Of course you might have meant 'code' in a broader sense.

Services from YRK to KGX are much quicker and more frequent than those to STP (St Pancras) or EUS (Euston), unless you want to stop off somewhere on routes to these.

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Thanks for that information. That is exactly what I needed. Just wanted to make sure I booked the right station, especially in London. Next question: I see when looking at the Nat'l Rail service sight that it has a disclaimer about "engineering " issues the week of May 4th thru 9th, and not knowing how it will effect service. I have already booked a room in York and I know that has got to be a frequent route. That doesn't mean they would cancel the route, does it? Or, do they provide alternative service or coach service , if not available, with a reserved ticket? Our first trip to the UK, but we have ridden trains all over Italy, Belgium and the Netherlands,so we aren't totally naive. I'm guessing each countries trains might run a little differently. Thanks for your patience and answers.

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Christy, usually (not always) when there's engineering works, it's done on a Sunday and there is usually an alternative method of transport available. The way it's done- you would catch the train as usual and at the nearest station to the work site, everyone leaves the train and catches a bus (or buses) to the next station on the other side of the works. It's all included in the fare.

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Thanks, have now purchased my tickets and got some really good fares!