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Train refunds/changes

We booked tickets with Rail Europe and have had several emails regarding cancellation or rescheduling, all they keep saying is that they are not the provider! We booked with them, was charged by them, I don't get it.
One email told me the only way to get a refund is to scan the ticket at the London station! If I could do that, I wouldn't be cancelling my trip
Cannot even contact Easy Jet, the only numbers they have on site are within Europe only

Any ideas

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At, you can find the link to Rail Europe’s frequently-updated summary of any special refund the railways are currently offering. They vary by country, and sometimes by type of train or category of fare purchased, If you bought a nonrefundable UK Advance discount fare, then only those for travel dates through April 30 can be exchanged (not refunded) without penalty. Only full-fare Off-Peak and Any Time rates are refundable. Especially if your travel dates are later, then wait to see if the railways announce a refund closer to the travel date. Britain has a couple dozen railway operators, which may make decisions even slower.

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...... they are not the provider! We booked with them, was charged by them, I don't get it....... Rail Europe is not a provider and does not operate any railroad systems or trains. They are a travel agency or resell of train tickets. Since you posted in the England section I assume you have book one of the British trains - there is a bunch. Rail Europe as your agent for the train company so you should addressing the train company since they have your money. RE should assist you with recovery but again they were just the go between. Many of the more experience travelers on this site, caution against using third party ticket sellers such as RE just for this reason. Good luck.

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Cannot even contact Easy Jet, the only numbers they have on site are within Europe only

EasyJet only operates in Europe, they only need phone numbers where they do business. Has your local taxi company got a phone number in the UK? Why can't you just ring the numbers you have found?
EasyJet works mostly via its webpage and app. I would imagine any telephone lines would be overloaded.

They have a page on Coronavirus here:

To view the status of your flight log in to manage booking
Please be assured if your flight is cancelled, you will be contacted by us there is therefore no need to contact us.

As far as I can see, flights are still operating except to countries which have stopped them (listed on the above page). I have a flight with them on Wednesday, that still looks OK.

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On another travel forum, someone is having the same problem with their Trainline bookings. Trainline are another 3rd party reseller (like Rail Europe) who generally don't want to know when something goes wrong, I know it's now no help to the OP but in future always book tickets with the train operating companies.

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So far, I’ve seen no indication of a railway offering a refund that Rail Europe is not passing along, They can’t act without authorization from the railway, and of course the railway is holding most of the money.

Some customers are jumping too soon to look for a refund on future trips, well before railways are ready to make such concessions to people with nonrefundable tickets or to cancel the train departures in question.

I urge any traveler to read the rules on their tickets as well as the published limitations and deadlines of any special refund announcement. And to be patient if their future travel dates have no special announcement.

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Re EasyJet, They have updated their Coronavirus page. Here:

My flight has been cancelled, what are my options?
. . . . You would have received an email from us with the options available to you. To save you time, you can self-serve these options through Manage Bookings online or through our Mobile App.

Am I entitled to a full refund?
Only if your flight has been cancelled . . . .
If your flight is still operating our standard refund policies continue to apply. If you still wish to cancel you may be entitled to a refund of Government Taxes. For bookings made within 24 hours you get a full refund, minus a cancellation fee. For more information please see our Fees and Charges page. Alternatively, we are currently waiving our change fees which means you could change the dates and destination without incurring a change fee and would only pay the fare difference if the new flights are more expensive.

Hope this helps.

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I just requested a refund of our tickets bought through Trainline for Spain. I went to "manage my booking" and selected the "request refund" button. Within seconds I received an acknowledgement of my request and quickly thereafter, an approval for the refund. They did say that because of the current volume, it could take up to 30 days. They also announced on their site that due to Covid-19 they will be waiving any cancellation fees.

I hope this is helpful. I've used Trainline for several years, even when they were called CapitainTrain. I found them on this forum and have been very pleased with their service and ease of booking. This is the first time I've had to cancel so will see how that goes, but I believe I will get my money back. I looked at Rail Europe but didn't like their website, and since I had used Trainline in the past, I decided to use them this time.

I hope you are able to get a refund.

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I’m getting a refund for the train ticket that I had booked for May, it will be 2-3 weeks since they are so busy, but I will get it. You always should book directly with the train company you will be using.