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Train help asap

I looked at the wrong set of notes.
I’m on the 14:52 Waverley to Penrith
I actually need to get to keswick.
Should I get off in Carlisle?
Then make my way to Keswick?

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There are regular bus services from both Carlisle and Penrith to Keswick. the standard advice has always been to get off at Penrith for the bus. But I have seen recent posts from Stuart (isn31c) recommending taking a bus from Carlisle but unfortunately I don't know the details. Hopefully he will see this thread in time or maybe I can find a previous post.
Edit: Just found Stuart's post. It's for the reverse journey but the same applies: -
Also rather than bus to Penrith and train Penrith to Carlisle you can bus Keswick to Carlisle direct for the same fare of £2 each. That 554 service is newly improved in frequency.
BUT it looks like the last service from Carlisle is at 16.30. theoretically you should be able to catch that but given you will have only 20 minutes or so and you don't know where the bus stop is (and neither do I at the moment), it's probably safer to carry on to Penrith and get the bus from there. The buses run roughly every 30 minutes until 21.30 and there is a stop at the station, so there should be no issues there. You're looking for either an X4 or X5 service

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For anyone else reading this thread in the future the last Carlisle to Keswick 554 bus is at 1600 Monday to Friday, 1630 Saturday and Sunday.

Weekdays they leave Carlisle at 0620, 0900, 1030, 1145, 1400 and 1600
Weekends at 0745, 0845, 1000, 1100, 1230, 1430 and 1630

** starred departures are route 553 which runs via Caldbeck. The 0745SaSu service 553 extends to Ullswater and Lowther Castle as route 509

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I made it without any problems! Thank you all for being so helpful. Keswick is a beautiful town. I had a nice meal at the Gun & Dog and a lovely British couple sat and talked with me for several hours. I love it here.

Isn31c it’s a good thing you told me the name of the stop or I might have missed it. I asked the driver if we were at County Corner when I saw several people getting off and indeed it was. Thank you again for your help.

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I am pleased it went well, and even more pleased that it finally looks as if we are going to stitch a fair few days of good weather together in the Lake District.

I have a funeral today in my own west coast village- and we are giving an honour guard to the deceased. I am so happy the weather is on our side, not doing what it has been for weeks.

The good weather makes all the difference and is way overdue.

I was a bit surprised when the train arrived at Carlisle 5 minutes early, but then had an extended dwell time and left almost 3 minutes late for no obvious reason. Three minutes which cost the earlier bus.

But for anyone waiting at Penrith I always think it is worthwhile having a quick look at the Castle, and around what is a very well kept park. with various sports facilities The park also has nice toilets in it!

I've changed from feeder bus to main tour bus at the park entrance a few times (or local bus to National Express) as well as bus to train, and it is a nice interlude before the long motorway journey south. When I can I also like to change between local buses at the railway station rather than the bus station down in town.

The park is a lovely place to sit and wait. And just across the roundabout is a big food store for anyone wanting to stock up.

It is sobering when you walk through the sandstone park archway and see the town's Civic War Memorial to WW1 and WW2- the plaques of nearly endless names on the wall. Most of whom went to war (and never returned) by troop trains from that very railway station. There is another (unusual) memorial in St Andrew's Church which better explains the numbers of sets of brothers who went.

At the other end of the park is the splendid Boer War Memorial- relocated decades ago from outside the town hall to allow for road improvements- now in a better location than originally IMO.

Next Wednesday or Thursday I am scheduled to go to Sedbergh and the Vale of Lune Church on the re-opened local bus route, and will change to my 3rd bus of the day at the Railway Station, not the Bus Station. Doing it as a huge circle, returning through Kendal and the Central Lakes then I hope the new bus route home over the Honister Pass. It is work, but done in such a way as to be also a great day out.

The Dog and Gun has a good reputation. I can't remember how it originally happened, but they in particular are known for their Hungarian Goulash which is said to be really good and as authentic as any foreign representation is going to be. That kind of interaction with the locals is exactly what you can expect in the area.

I didn't realise yesterday that you were the same person as had the issues last week with Rabbies until that cropped up elsewhere at midnight.

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Yes, I am the Rabbies person, unfortunately. I’ve been too busy to compose an email to Rabbies but I’ll get to it.
I’m enjoying Keswick. After a hearty breakfast at Rivendell I took in the scenery at Latrigg. Walked around the market. Had a nice lunch at Golden Lion.

I always stop at WWII memorials. My father served in the US Navy during WWII.

I am headed to an HF Holiday in Sedburg next week. After HF North Lake District, Grassington and York.