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Train from Stansted Airport to Edinburgh

Hi all,

Flying into Stansted Airport on a Saturday and need to get to Edinburgh. If we land at 7:40 a.m. via RyanAir, is a 9:30 a.m. train a safe bet? I see trains departing the airport at 8:27, 8:42, 9:27, 9:42, etc.

Although the link on the Airport website didn't show any availability:
The LNR website shows a bit:

Thanks in advance!

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Yes, the 9.27 train is a safe bet; even the 8.27 if the plane lands on time. Change at Peterborough. Buy tickets on the LNER site

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I haven’t been through Stansted since the pandemic struck, but prior to that, it always used to take longer getting through Stansted than Gatwick, so I would allow at least an hour in the current climate.

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It's Saturday, November 6. Choices are to fly from Bologna to Edinburgh on British Air for $238 or on Ryan Air to Stansted for $17 (+ their extras and then taking the train up to Edinburgh for $100. Maybe flying the whole way is easier... Either way, it's a 7-hour trip.

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Sorry if this is obvious, but is flying from Stansted to Edinburgh not an option? I mean, if you're in an airport already. Otherwise, you've got to get from Stansted to Kings Cross or some other East Coast Main Line station first.

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@darren..., There are few flights from Stansted to Edinburgh, and it would not be a "protected" connection, so the train (via Peterborough) is a better option.

Unless that flight from Bologna to Edinburgh is direct? In which case I would happily pay $100 extra for the convenience (whereas you'd have to pay me to transit through Heathrow)...

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Have you thought about taking a train to Milan, Venice, or even Pisa to see if they have cheaper flights to Edinburgh?