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Train from Heathrow Terminal 5 to Swindon

I am working through websites trying to decipher this. I seem to recall a train platform at Heathrow and that I rode the train without having to change the whole way. Maybe my memory fails me, or maybe I landed at another terminal where the situation was different. But now, near as I can tell, if I buy a ticket to Swindon I will first be on a bus to Reading and then board a train the rest of the way. Is there something I'm not seeing, or is that the way it works?

(We are visiting friends in Swindon in advance of a RS tour next year).

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that's the way it works - or you can take a train from LHR to Paddington then another train back west to sunny Swindon

no trains from LHR to Swindon - not now, not ever

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There are plans to build a rail link into Heathrow from the Great Western Mainline in order to get direct by train to Reading and thus save going to Paddington. Anyway, it is a bus link for now.

The Great Western Mainline is being electrified and at the moment, trains are not running to normal schedules.

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the other option is that there are some NationalExpress buses from Heathrow to Swindon - but they don't pick up at Terminal 5, so that isn't a direct ride either.

From Heathrow Terminals 2&3, Terminal 4 or Terminal 5, take the Heathrow Connect Rail Train (not Tube) to the Hayes and Harlington station. Depart the train @ H&H and buy your rail tickets to Swindon at the ticket window; or online beforehand. See website for train times from your Heathrow Terminal station to Hayes and Harlington station. Then, check Heathrow Connect train times from H&H to Swindon on website that will work with your Heathrow Connect arrival.

What I see online today for train times is, for example:
Depart 14:42 from Hayes and Harlington (Great Western Railway) arriving @ Reading Station 15:21.
Detrain and Transfer to a different train leaving @15:28 from Reading, arriving Swindon @ 15:54. Looks like there is a train every 30 minutes or so during this part of the day. Check the train times; and I would buy an open ticket, not one that ties you to a specific time, to give you wiggle room for delays.

Allow AMPLE time for making your way to the underground railway station at Heathrow, talking to agents and getting directions, and buying tickets at the windows or in the machines; and you will have to haul your own baggage on and off each train. Pack accordingly. LOL Hope this helps. Have a wonderful time!