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Train from Heathrow Airport to Bath

First trip to England, RS tour this September: I'm assuming the train is the way to get from landing in Heathrow to Bath where the tour begins. Is it better to purchase train tickets in advance or when we get there? We'd need transport again the last day, from the hotel in London out to the airport. Trying to plan ahead, thank you!

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There are a few options for getting from London to Heathrow. Options to use for this trip will depend upon where your hotel is located. If you have already been confirmed on the tour the RS office should have sent you the name of the first and last hotels. Posting the name of the hotel or it’s location will allow us to suggest good options for you.

Having said that, the RS guide will send around a sheet of paper near the end of the tour. Tour members can write down departure times for their flights. The guide will group people together where it makes sense. Not sure if they use minicabs or regular cabs. My guess would be minicabs.

If you’re traveling light you can probably take the tube.

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For the trip to Bath you might want to look at a National Express coach.

The trip will be about half an hour longer - 2.45 hours as opposed to 2.15 by train - but you won’t need to change en route. Coaches are comfortable and reliable and will also be a bit cheaper.

Personally I’d go for the coach if there was one scheduled for a convenient time.


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As well, the driver of the coach will put your luggage in the hold, and unload it for you at your destination.

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The only trains from Heathrow are to London which is the opposite direction than to Bath.

The prementioned bus is a good idea or you could take a bus to Reading and then switch to the train. But no direct train fromHeathrow to Bath.

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We took this tour this past spring. RS Best of England In 14 Days. Upon arrival at Heathrow airport, we walked directly to the Heathrow bus station. Just follow the signs through the terminal. The Heathrow bus station is within the terminal.

We bought two tickets to Bath. Then went outside to the bus shed, where our bus arrived in 10 minutes. Easy trip to Bath. Comfy bus. We had carry on bags only so kept them with us on the bus. If you have larger bags, the driver will stow them under the bus in a locked compartment, as Norma said. He will then get them out for you upon arrival in Bath.

Upon arriving in Bath, as you exit the bus, look just to the right of your bus. The Number 4 city bus for Bath will take you right to Brooks Guesthouse. Board the Number 4, pay the driver the fare, and take a seat. Here you carry your own bags. Bus driver does not assist.

As you ride up Monmouth Place, look for The Scallop Shell restaurant on your right. It is at 20 Monmouth Place. This is your landmark to watch for. You will get off at the next bus stop for Brooks Guesthouse, if that is your tour hotel. It was our tour hotel. The Scallop Shell is within easy walking distance of the hotel and I recommend it for dinner.

The address of Brooks Guesthouse is 1 Crescent Gardens, Upper Bristol Road. Monmouth Place changes its name to Upper Bristol Road right after you pass The Scallop Shell.,-2.3674599,16z/data=!4m7!3m6!1s0x0:0x4f26a00767123331!5m1!1s2018-07-25!8m2!3d51.3841418!4d-2.371215

On the map I have given, the railway station (Bath Spa) marked with the red sign, is right next to the bus station. That is where you will arrive, and board the Number 4 bus.

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You wrote: "We'd need transport again the last day, from the hotel in London out to the airport."

Your London hotel for this tour will be the Radisson Blu Edwardian Vanderbilt, in South Kensington, unless something has changed since our tour. Right across the road from the hotel is the Gloucester tube station.

You should enter this station, take the Piccadilly line to Heathrow. Very quick and easy trip.

During the London portion of your tour, your guide will give you a lesson on riding the tube in London, and give you an Oyster card. The guide will show you how to "tap in" with the Oyster card when you enter the tube, and "tap out" when you exit your train.

The tube is the best and easiest way for you to get to Heathrow at the end of your tour, given the location of your last hotel.

To make your journey easier on the tube, travel light, so you are not struggling with lots of luggage.,+Vanderbilt/@51.494724,-0.1838173,16.92z/data=!4m7!3m6!1s0x0:0xb51c19579489e56c!5m1!1s2018-07-15!8m2!3d51.4953691!4d-0.1818966

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To a degree, the easiest way can vary according to the terminal you land at. The National Express coaches go from the Central Bus Station which is good if you are arriving at 2/3, less so for 5. Don't take any coach which requires a change in Bristol.

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Do not assume the hotels mentioned in Rebecca's post will be your hotels. They might be, they might not. About 30 days prior to the start of your tour you will receive a list of your hotels as well as instructions on how to get to the one in Bath. RS tours use numerous hotels in both cities.