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Toss up: London/Paris or London with day trips

I'm trying to put together a trip, 8-10 days, for 3 people. 1 who never visited London or France and the other 2 saw one but not the other. Which do you think is better to do?
1) The highlights of London with day trip to Cambridge or Windsor/Stonehenge (I can't remember if it is possible to do these 2 in 1 day), or another suggestion.
2) London for 3-4 days, then eurostar over to Paris for 3-4 days, no side trips just the cities.
Any tips on either would be wonderful!
Thank you for your help,

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I could live with either. Mostly personal preference. Probably no 2 would be easier involving less travel. Neither is substantially better than the other.

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I agree that either will work. IF you pick door number 2, I'd fly open jaw - in to London and out of Paris with Eurostar between the 2.

There are some bus tours from London that try to include Windsor and Stonehenge but to me that's too long on a bus and too little time at the sights. I'd do Windsor as a day trip (or 3/4 of a day) on your own from London.

IF you pick the "stay in London" option, perhaps you would want to spend 2 nights in Salisbury so you've got a full day there, then you could use the local bus company's bus which runs a continuous loop out to the stones and back thru Old Sarum all day. You ~could~ do this as a day trip because the Stonehenge bus has a pick up spot at the Salisbury train station but Salisbury has so much to offer that I like to spend time there.

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I vote for London and Paris, flying open jaw like others have recommended.