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too much overlap??

We're getting ready to book England as soon as Rick lets us!! However I can't decide if I want to see it all in one big trip (without getting too exhausted). For those of you who have done BOTH the Villages of Southern England tour and The Best of England tour, would it be too much to do them back to back with Southern England first and winding up in London. It would be a lot of days in Bath and I don't know if the tours duplicate much info. I've been to London before, so I don't feel the need to add extra days there, other than to get over jet lag.

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We have done that combination and felt it was a perfect match. We used the extra day between tours as a laundry day. We also added 4 days on the end in London.

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No overlap in terms of history, countryside or what you will see. The days in Bath at the end of Southern England will be a nice break to relax, catch up with chores and walk around Bath. There are sure to be things in Bath not included in the next tour so you could do those.

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They are virtually never mentioned on the forum, but I liked both the Holburne Museum (which shows art) and the Museum of East Asian Art (which focuses on decorative art). I didn't find Bath terribly interesting for just walking around; the architecture was very same-y to me. I think that's one thing others really like about it.

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Thanks for the info! One thing I was wondering is if the guide duplicates the same places/info in Bath on both tours, I would imagine that they are basically the same walking tour on both.

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For RS tours, look in the Itinerary portion of each tour description (its a drop down) and you should be able to determine if they overlap.