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Tipping Tour Guide?

Greetings All,

My wife and I are hoping to take a top shelf personal Beatles tour in Liverpool that will last about four hours and cost three or four hundred pounds.

I'm curious what others think is an appropriate gratuity. If it were a tour bus with forty other people I'd probably tip about 5 pounds, but given the high cost and exclusivity, what would be a proper amount in this instance? I want to be appreciative, but not taken advantage or either.

FWIW, the tour will be conducted by the owner of the business and chauffeured by her driver.

Many thanks,
Steve Skipwith

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People may disagree, buy I would not tip an owner. I would tip the driver about 20 pounds.

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Your paying a lot of money. That money is for the services of the guide and the driver, what are you tipping for? The price you're paying is all you should be paying. You'll be in the UK where there isn't the same tipping culture as the US. If I was taking that tour neither the guide nor the driver would receive a tip nor would they expect one. They might expect one from an American because most people know that the majority of Americans bring their tipping habits with them irrespective of what the norms are in the countries they're visiting but don't feel obliged to conform to the stereotype.

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I would never tip additional for a tour like this.

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What you are buying is what you are buying. I wouldn't tip.

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I’m a massive Beatles fan and have been to Liverpool 7 times. I’ve never even heard of a tour costing £300 or more. I absolutely wouldn’t tip if I’m paying that much for something personalised and exclusive, they’re making their money.

I don’t even tip £5 for the Magical Mystery Tour. It’s usually some of my small value coins and a pound or two.

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WOW how many persons on that tour? That is an incredibly high price for a four hour tour, even a private one.

NO TIP, in fact, find another tour.