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Time to get through Heathrow

My wife and I will be arriving at Heathrow at about 8 PM and will have a car drive us to our hotel. We don't what to pay waiting time so I wonder how log it usually takes to get through customs and pick up luggage. We are flying Virgin from the US.
Thanks for any estimates

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You could notify the car company of your flight's arrival time and let them work it out. They probably can make a good estimate.

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"Customs" should take seconds unless you're unlucky enough to have your bags searched, it's immigration that can be the hold up, depending on how many Border Agency officers are on duty and how many planes land in a short space of time.

Reputable car companies should monitor your flight arrival time.

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You won’t be going through Customs. You’ll be going through Immigration.

Like weather hard to predict.

Will be dependent on how many other flights arrive at

The walk from where Virgin flights land ( I fly them LAX to LHR) is a bit of a hump to even get to Immigration.

I do carry on so can’t comment on how long the wait is for luggage and then your walk to Immigration.

But since you asked give yourself a minimum of 45 minutes to deplane, gather luggage, walk to Immigration and get through Immigration. And I’m pretty certain I’m under estimating it.

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Yeah, It's not bad really.
The line looks scary at first with Immigration, but it moves fairly quick. Just a few questions, and off you go.
I'd agree 45 minutes, most of that is walking/waiting in line.
And BTW, the Virgin flights are awesome!!!! Favorite so far.