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Time crunch Gatwick to Heathrow in 3 hours

We just realized that our flight from Rome is landing at Gatwick at 10am. We need to catch a 1:05pm flight at Heathrow same day. We have looked at booking a minicab which is 50min ride from LGW to LHR. We only have carry-ons and will check-in online for our Heathrow flight the day before. Is the feasible?

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Do you have a choice? One ticket or two. If two tickets I would not try it. Too much risk since you will need to go through exit immigration and security for an international flight

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2 adults flying Wizz Air out of Rome, flying Icelandair out of Heathrow

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Especially if the Icelandair flight is to the USA this is bordering on the foolish IMO. It would need a huge amount of luck. Not least as the drive is on the congested M25.

If attempting this on 2 tickets travelling BA Rome to Heathrow would be far preferable. Looking this morning they have a flight (BA 551) arriving LHR at 1010- one of 8 BA flights today on the route.

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A few items...

There is no exit immigration in the UK. So when you get to Heathrow, you go straight to security and then to your gate.

However, at Gatwick, since you are entering the country, you will have to go through immigration and even with the egates, it can be slow.

With traffic, the drive from Gatwick to Heathrow can be a lot longer than 50 minutes.

If you already have your tickets, here is my suggestion:

Call Icelandair. They also fly out of Gatwick to Keflavik and the time is very close to the Heathrow flight. See if they will switch you to that flight.

This will, of course, save the time and effort to get to Heathrow. Consider that cost and what Icelandair might charge for new tickets if you miss your Heathrow flight. (See more on this later.)

If you can't change to the Gatwick-Keflavik flight, then look at eating the Wizz Air tickets and going the night before. (This will be cheaper than having to buy new Icelandair tickets.)

Remember, being on two tickets, if you miss the Icelandair flight, you're going to have to buy all new tickets at the going rate.....not the discount you already paid.

With that little time, and on two separate tickets, you're are really gambling a lot.

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Thank you isn31c and Frank II! we just bought the BA flight 551. I truly appreciate all the feedback and insight! We can now enjoy the trip without the worry of missing our Icelandair flight back to US!