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Thoughts on RS suggestion of Tower of London in morning and Westminster in afternoon?

In the RS London guidebook he suggests doing the Tower of London in the morning starting at 9am. Then take a river cruise to Westminster Abby entering at 2:30pm. From what I see the Abby closes at 4:30pm. Does this leave enough time for both places? I have already booked my timed ticket to Westminster and also purchased the Queen's jubilee. I am thinking I should plan the Tower for another day.

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You know his book isn’t a bible and yes, you are correct save Westminster for another day.

It is good advice for going early to the Tower though AND once inside go straight to see the Crown Jewels.

After you’ve seen the Tower consider the Tower Bridge experience or walk from the Tower up to the glass covered Leadenhall Market for Lunch.

From there, depending on your interests could walk to:
Dennis Sever’s House
The Great Fire Monument ( I think there’s a ticket tie in with Tower Bridge. Check their website,
Bank of England Museum
St Paul’s Cathedral

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The tower takes a while, we spent about 3 hours there.
Westminster Abbey will take that long too if you look in every nook and cranny they have, maybe even longer.
The Queens Jubilee was awesome as well, but really doesn't take too much time compared to the Abbey itself.
You might be pushing it to do both in one day and see all they have to offer.

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We did the Tower and Westminster the same day. It was a crowd-filled day.
Everything moves slowly at the Tower, but it is really the line for the crown jewels that gets very out of hand.

I think the Tower was the most crowded place we went the whole trip. Probably Westminster was second. Changing of the guards was very crowded too, but only for a short time and you don't have to move much-just stand and watch.

If you can switch to a different day, I think that would make sense but only if you can go to the Tower first thing in the morning.

Another thought on Westminster if this interests you. There might be an evening service you could attend that would extend your time there. It is also very nice to listen to the choir or organ (you would need to check the schedule).

Have a good trip.

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I think both are too much for one day, but I found both fascinating and spent a lot of time at each -- even without the crown jewels!

Evensong at the Abbey would be a great experience but you have to stay put in the nave, you can't go looking around at tombs and such. I don't know whether you could be poking around till "closing time" and then walk over to the nave for the service-- I suspect you'd have to leave and then come in at the west entrance. Not difficult though if you want more Gothic atmosphere and beautiful music.

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Thanks everyone. I changed my days around and have these two on different days now.

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It’s a great idea to separate them. They’re both well worth visiting, but they’re both massive with tons of crowds. I’d suggest pairing them on different days with a completely different activity such as a London Walk or a smaller museum. Keep in mind the Abbey isn’t open for visits on Sundays since it’s being used for worship services a