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The Rubens at the Palace vs Luna and Simone

We have to make a choice. Everything I read about the Rubens looks awesome - love the fact they have AC and plusher amenities, but Luna and Simone get excellent reviews as well with less amenities. Locations seem to be about the same. Does anyone here have any input or has stayed at both or one or the other?

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In what city? My input is not to let a hotel make or break your experience. I tend to spend about 12 hours per day outside my hotel, e.g., 10:00 - 22:00, or perhaps even more.

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Laura that would be London she is referring to. Stayed at Luna and Simone years ago. Liked it. Much smaller than Rueben's and cheaper. Two completely different types of accommodations. AC isn't a huge need in London!
Also do not expect huge sized rooms in either.

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I would agree that AC is not a big need in London unless you were there last September when it was 85 for a week and the maids always closed the windows you had left open to keep the room from becoming an oven.

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I don't know L&S besides checking its location just now's a decent walk from Buckingham Palace, away from everything you want to see....I stayed at the Rubens once and it is gorgeous and is across the street from (the back corner of the property of) Buckingham Palace. Literally. Specifically, it's right near The Mews, a wonderful if not huge attraction with the Queen's cars, carriages and horses. Done it twice in 10 visits to London. I can't speak to the hotels' prices....I go to London for work. :)

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I've stayed in both on different trips. Was super excited to splurge and stay at the Rubens...until I checked in and everything went downhill from there. Specifically the ladies at the front counter who would not listen to a word I said simply stared at their computer screens for my reservation. Told me that some of my problems resulted because I had booked through a 3rd-party website - FALSE. I had booked specifically through their own website. I paid extra for a view to the Royal Mews - WASTE OF MONEY. I had 2 rooms booked and both of them were incorrect. They never did get my kids' room set up correctly. I had all of the printouts of my reservation directly from their own website and not ONCE could they be bothered to look and read their own website's reservation confirmation which I had in my hand. They told me my reservation included dinner to which I said it did not. Nevertheless they booked my "free" dinner reservations and at the conclusion of the dinner I was presented with a big bill.

The Rubens was just a total screw up for my stay.

The Luna & Simone, on the other hand, was straightforward and simple. They had everything correct when I arrived, they bent over backward to accommodate me in any request. They were wonderful to deal with. I would not hesitate to book with them again.