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The Green Man in British cathedrals

I love to look for them and usually try to ask cathedral docents if there are any around. Sometimes they are visible, sometimes you need binoculars. The link to this piece on BBC popped up on my FB feed today and I thought others might find it interesting!

Adding the one shown in Exeter Cathedral to my "to-do" list!

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Pam, thanks for posting this! The video is absolutely amazing! Enjoyed it very much.

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I've seen several on my trips to England and now I want to see the one at Exeter Catherdral. Thanks for sharing the video, it was a fun watch.


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Something else to keep an eye out for when visiting churches in the UK. With all the other carvings, I’ve probably looked right at some and not known what they were.

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Fascinating, Pam. Thanks for posting this. I just signed up for the emails. I can always work in a stay in London or the UK on my way to or home from the Continent-or it's often"The Destination" in and of itself!

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How interesting! I've seen the green man celebrated for years but never noticed him in any of the cathedrals. I'll be on the lookout now though. Thanks for sharing this with us.

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Nance, that article indicates some on the continent but I've never seen them anywhere except British cathedrals but that may also be because I generally remember to ask there.

The first one I had pointed out to me was in St David's Cathedral in Wales. It's in a very visible place on a cross-beam in the Nave.

It always sets me to wondering about the stone carvers in the 1400's or so. Hedging their bets?

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Thank you very much for sharing. I will have to keep my eyes open on our upcoming trip!

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Fascinating! This was news to me. Thanks for sharing, Pam.