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The Coronation Procession Route

The Route of the Coronation Procession has now been announced, and is much shorter than in 1953.

From Buckingham Palace down the Mall to Trafalgar Square, then down Whitehall to Parliament Square and Westminster Abbey, the same route back again.
Outward in the Diamond Jubilee state coach, returning in the Gold State Coach, which is almost 200 years old.
The Diamond Jubilee coach incorporates pieces of wood from historic ships and buildings, including HMS Victory, the Mary Rose, Balmoral Castle, Canterbury Cathedral and Westminster Abbey.

The time of the service is now announced, at 11am.

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This is something I would be setting my alarm to watch starting at 1 am or so, but I will be in Budapest that Saturday morning, hopefully searching for vintage treasure at the flea market--I will just have to make do with the BBC live feed on my phone.

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I did a London Walks special Coronation Walk on Saturday afternoon and walked part of the parade route. There were people who had already set up chairs, camp cots and tarps along The Mall. The guide was surprised….she said she didn’t expect that to happen until Wednesday or so.

I also took a taxi this AM to a train station. The driver, who said he’s been driving for 36 years, said he’s not even going out on Saturday as he expects it to be such a mess with closures and reroutes.

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I hope everyone, wherever they are in the UK today, enjoys the pageantry and history of the Coronation.

I've just been told that it's on your national news that a family of 3 gals from Seattle are among the crowds in London today- a Grandma, daughter and grand daughter.

Gals is the word that was used to me by someone else from Seattle, so I hope no one objects to that word