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Thank you for Cotswold advice and Crazy Amazon Book Prices.

Thanks to all posters. I ordered a couple of travel books on the Cotswolds from Amazon based on your advice. I just can't figure out the crazy pricing for books on Amazon. Some run from $20 to $150 for the same book! My favorite is an old, used book marked clearly on the cover for £5 selling for $20. I understand shipping, but this is crazy. It's not a rare, collector's book. Just an old travel book.

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I think people just put prices up sometimes to see if they can get a bite.

A few months ago some of us were looking for the plastic laminated Streetwise Vienna map which is no longer in production. The Amazon prices range around $99!! For a $7 map? The TI/hotel map was just fine, thank you very much.

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When a book or map goes out of print, people with one to sell on Amazon jack the price way up, hoping someone will bite. I was able to find a Streetwise Vienna map by asking for one here. ; )

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If you want any more books on the Cotswolds, try Ebay instead of Amazon. I have bought some great books on Ebay for great prices. Got a thin guidebook on the Cotswolds for £5 shipping £7. Two or three sellers in the UK have a good selection and ship it out the next day when you pay with PayPal. You get a price break if you select 4 or 5 books from the same seller.