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Thank you!

We are home safe and sound from our wonderful trip to England. Just wanted to say thank you for all the help in planning. I must have asked 30-40 questions and got hundreds of responses!

I did post a trip report if interested.

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I am so glad to hear it went so well!!! Great trip report, I'm so glad I read it.

I had a little secret worry that things would prove more difficult than you all would be happy with and I'm so glad, really I am, that everything made everybody so happy.

I don't like using the tube much, and I certainly would have thought twice before doing it with a wheelchair and wheelchair user and a 90 year old.

And you managed so well, even making lemonade with the strike, with your inspired choice of Hampden Court. My wife is jealous.

It is also really good that splitting up during the day worked well, and I'm really happy that you liked the Cotswolds. Now I'm jealous.

Well done.

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You are welcome, if I was any help at all! You did it, Susan! You asked all the right questions here, and were diligent in your research and planning! So very glad you all had a great trip! Love your trip report!

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Great trip report Susan, glad it all went well... Now i can relax :o)

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Thanks for taking the time to write the report, Susan. Even though I didn't contribute anything to your queries (I don't think), I certainly followed your saga planning. I can certainly echo everyone else's "hats off to you" for making it work out for that diverse group of yours! What a heroine you are!