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Taxi/Rideshare in The Cotswolds?

I've read through dozens of posts about this, but many are older so I am hoping for some updated help:

I have a meandering Scotland to London trip and decided to make a quick stop in The Cotswolds. We'll be taking a train from Edinburgh and arriving in Cheltenham late afternoon on a Sunday.

We need to get to an Inn located in Bourton-on-the-Water from there, and would like to spend the next day (Monday) exploring a bit, before heading to London on Tuesday morning.
Renting a car is something we can do if needed, but the posts I've read indicates Sundays aren't ideal for that. I've done a test Uber request and it seems to be feasible- but also have a slew of websites/phone numbers for local taxi services if not.
For Monday's exploring I'd love to use local car services vs renting our own car or waiting for buses- but would love to know if that is inadvisable?

Any input in terms of itinerary or which train station to depart from on Tuesday are welcome as well!

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local taxis with local knowledge instead of miscellaneous folks from who knows where who have to send a chunk of their income off to a faceless US company? Local every day of the week. Every time.

Local taxis are just that and they will know the area, what's on, where to go.

You are right about the rentals on Sunday evening.