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Taxi from Bath to Lacock

Would a taxi be a good way to get from Bath to Lacock? It wouldn't be a problem getting a taxi in Bath, but how scarce are taxis in Lacock?

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I would say they are scarce. You might google to see if you can get the name of a taxi company in Lacock. The times I've been there for a day trip I do not recall seeing any taxis. Perhaps you can arrange for the driver who takes you there to come pick you up. Hopefully there will be a taxi driver willing to make the drive.

Are you spending the night or just wanting to visit for a few hours? Are you staying a few nights in Bath?

I ask because there is a MadMax tour that goes to Lacock (well maybe 2 different tours, lol) and if you are in Bath a couple of days that might be easiest.

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We're spending 2 nights in Bath, but I would like to visit Lacock for a few hours. I looked at taking a train, but it takes over an hour each way.

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11 minutes on a train to Chippenham and then a 12 minute bus gets you there in about 42 minutes overall.

Unlikely Lacock taxi but you may be able to call one in Chippenham or Bath when you are ready...

About half an hour in a car isn't a whole lot faster, but of course I assume you will be at Bath Spa station - not knowing where in Bath you will actually be.

It might not be cheap but I agree that you can likely ask your morning taxi to return for you at an appointed time in an appointed place (Lacock's pretty tiny)...

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Possibly an alternative to consider. We stayed at a super place in Melksham, Beechfield House Hotel. Straightforward bus ride (in opposite directions) to Bath and Lacock. I'm sure that the hotel could arrange transportation if the bus schedules were unattractive. I don't know about the coverage provided by the rideshare services.