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Taxi for 6 passengers in London

What's the best way to get a taxi for 6 passengers in London? I've seen that some of the apps such as Gett and Taxiapp have this available as an option. It that the best way?

If we're near a tube we'll probably take that, but some members of my group have mobility issues so I want to make sure we have a good option. Thanks in advance.

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The standard black cab that you can hail in the street takes five passengers. If you're using Gett and Taxiapp you should be fine to order a six seater there. Some London black cabs are bigger, the Mercedes Vito minivan is standard for the larger TfL licenced taxis.

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it isn't necessarily a tube / taxi question. London has iconic red double decker buses which go (almost) everywhere. There are also a few single deckers as you get into the neighbourhoods out of the centre.

But regardless single or double decker, they all have low entry doors and can be just what a person with mobility issues would wish for...

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All buses are accessible. And all black cabs have pull-out ramps for wheelchairs.

There are cab ranks dotted about - and you can also go out front of a major hotel and benefit from easy cab hailing there. Sometimes a bell captain will even hail a cab for you.

However, you can call an Uber to anywhere if you have the app, and specify size of car. That might be your most convenient option.

Side note on tube/accessibility: I have limited mobility because of a congenital knee malformation, and often really (REALLY) struggle on the tube. There are - believe it or not - stations where a very long and steep escalator will whisk you in comfort up to, not a level lobby with step-free street access, but instead (surprise!) 2 or 3 short sets of stairs! Which you were not expecting! Argh!

Soooooo… there’s that. :-)

Oh! Also note that the TFL app allows you to filter for step-free journeys. You just need to be aware that if a particular station lift is out of order, that is not updated or reflected on the app.

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Just to mention that in a true London black cab, the passenger area is a vast empty space you could practically carry elephants back there. Lots of room for pax and luggage which will roll all over the place.

And sadly the driver is totally encased in plexi and has to use a mike and speaker to talk to you. Make sure the mike is off if you plan to talk any smack about the cabbie.

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