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Suggestions for Hotels in Heathrow Airport


My daughter and I will be in London at the end of July. We are planning on staying at Heathrow airport the night before our flight, which leaves at 6:30a and flies to Frankfurt. Because of the early start, we are thinking about staying at an airport hotel. Our flight leaves from Terminal 2. Any suggestions? I noticed that there is a Yotel in Terminal 4. Are there easy connections between the terminals? The hotels I can find are in Terminal 4 and 5. I'd love any thoughts. It's only the early flight that is causing me stress! I don't want to stay outside of the airport and rely on shuttle services that begin at 5a as I think we'd arrive at the airport too late.

Many thanks!

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I enjoyed my stay at the Sofitel in Terminal 5. As long as you leave enough time to travel between terminals, it is not difficult.

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Buses run all night to the central part of Heathrow along the Bath Road where there are many hotels. They are regular London buses but are free of charge in the airport area.

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I've stayed in the Heathrow Yotel, but only for four hours to catch a little sleep on a long layover. It was great for what I needed -- great bed and shower, very quiet, and very clean -- but it's not a "real" hotel. I think they call their rooms "cabins" and they are down narrow corridors, kind of like on a ship. There's no lobby. I would find it a little claustrophobic for a long stay, but if you're arriving at night and leaving early it would work. I'm sorry I can't remember which terminal I left from, but it was an easy walk. and we got there so early that our gate had not yet been assigned.

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We stayed in the Yotel in Terminal 4 and liked it. Our flight left from there. To find out about connections between the terminals I would phone the hotel and inquire before booking.

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I stayed at the Hilton Terminal 4 recently. (I used miles; I have no idea what it would have cost otherwise.) Perfectly nice hotel connected to T4 by an above-ground, enclosed walkway. Easy-peasy. Complimentary bottle of water waiting in my room -- I automatically give big points to any hotel/motel/inn/B&B that does that.

I didn't hear any airplane noise, just a few noisy people in the hall. My only complaint was that in the morning I couldn't get any hot -- or even warm -- water in the shower and bathroom sink. I mentioned this in an online survey and received a prompt response from the manager, apologizing and explaining how their boiler (or whatever it's called) had failed that very morning. I'd definitely stay there again if I got a good rate or could pay with miles.

The Heathrow Express is free between terminals, and I believe there's also a bus (small fee) that stops outside or near the various hotels.

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I've stayed at the Sofitel at terminal 5 twice in the last couple of months. Very convenient and nice. Not cheap.

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We stayed at the ibis Heathrow Hotel two nights ago. Close to the airport. Small, adequate room with nice bathroom. Price with great breakfast cost us 68# purchased several month ahead of time. They charge 10# for a private car transport back to the airport. We took a taxi from the airport for 12# as we were running late, tired and bus lines were real long. I have stayed at many of their hotels and will do so again.