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Suggestions for Home Base w No Car

Hello! I may have the opportunity to spend about a week in the UK next summer with my 12-year-old daughter. I have been to England several times, and each time my husband has been comfortable with driving there, but he won't be there for this trip & I am not brave enough to drive in the UK, so I am trying to find a city to use as a home base that is easy to get to from a major airport and offers both a good amount of sightseeing and/or easy connections to other cities on public transportation for fun day trips.

I am interested in sporty things like hill walking, possibly surfing (don't people do that in Cornwall?), as well as history - as well as anything random that might appeal to a 12-year-old (helping on a farm, kayaking, etc.) I've been to London 2x already, so I don't really want to base out of there. We've spent about a week in the Cotswolds, but nothing north of there or south of London.

I would also love suggestions in Scotland if anyone has them. Thanks so much.

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I think you are on to something with Scotland, so how about a week in Edinburgh ?
Possibilities into Scotland - Stirling, St Andrews, Loch Lomond, The Trossachs, Glasgow, The Borders.
Possibilities into England - Hadrians Wall, Lindisfarne, Bamburgh, Alnwick, Durham, York.

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Amazingly, there is now surfing on Mt Snowdon in Wales. Perhaps your daughter could show off her SoCal surfer girl moves to the locals. It is a manmade lagoon with various levels of wave makers, and the world's longest artificial wave.

There is also surfing in Cornwall and south Wales.

The problem with Cornwall for you two is the public transportation. There isn't a lot.

Bournemouth? Plenty to do, easy transport, red squirrels (Brownsea Island), surfing-ish. Nothing to amaze San Onofre or Huntington. But good. Actual sand.

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Thank you David, Keith & Nigel. This has narrowed things down to a manageable list for me. I really appreciate your taking the time to respond.