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Strollers on London Transit

We will be in London with a 2 year old this week. Is the tube stroller friendly (are they allowed to be on escalators? If not, are elevators in most stations?). We live in Prague where transit is super easy with strollers, but other cities we have visited are very difficult (and sometimes not possible) with a stroller. Thank you.

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Yes, they are allowed and people are usually very friendly to help you get them up and down stairs if needed or very nice about making space for them on the tube. But you need to check the map to see if your tube stop has elevators. Generally they are not allowed on escalators, however if people have no other choice, they do it.

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The Underground in central London is not the place, I'm afraid for strollers or anything like. Only a few stations (Kings Cross, Euston, St Pancras, etc.), have lifts. Virtually all stations even if they have lifts or escalators have several stairs in the route, often relatively close to the platforms, and from the booking hall to the street. There are maps available for step-free travel but it takes a lot of planning.

Buses with a stroller (called a push-chair here) aren't nearly as difficult and have a place dedicated, and ramps operated by the driver.

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We spent a week in London last May with my son's family, with children are 2 and 4. We rented a nice push-chair for the little one and went all over. Buses were very easy, and we never needed to ask the driver to activate the ramp-- we just lifted the stroller up. There is an area where you can park the push hair and you can either stand there or take the baby out and take a seat.

We also used the tube, mainly the District Line to get to the museum area by Hyde Park. This involved some stairs, but my son and husband ( grandpa) carried the stroller up and down with no problem. I don't think we ever used an escalator or elevator.

Have you considered a back pack baby carrier instead of the stroller?

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Just got back from a two week visit. Saw lots of strollers everywhere. Noticed that it was almost automatic that if someone approached a stairs with a stroller, someone else would offer to pick up the front end. I wouldn't give it a second thought, except ... STAY VERY AWARE OF RUSH HOURS!!!! When Londonians and are headed to work or home, it's no holds barred!

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The area where many people put strollers on London buses is officially for wheelchair users, and if a wheelchair user wishes to board the bus you must get off or fold your stroller up.

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Does anyone have any information on renting a stroller in London? I didn't know this was an option until reading this post.

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The Transport for London (TFL) web site has a page devoted to "accessibility" which contains a map of the system with annotations for lifts (elevators) and escalators. Keep in mind, just because a lift or escalator is advertised, doesn't mean it's operational when you need it.

I would avoid traveling with your stroller/pram/push-car during the rush hour periods. There just isn't enough space...

Google "stroller rental in London" and several firms will be returned. Some even deliver-to and pick-up at hotels. Although, if you have a good stroller and you are flying a full-service airline (which usually gate-check strollers for free), you might want to take your own - that way you have it in the airports.

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Thanks so much to everyone who answered my stroller inquiry! I wanted to post an update in case anyone else has the same question. We are quite spoiled in Prague and the public transport is as accessible as can be, so I never have trouble on buses, trams or the metro. London buses were easy with the stroller & the underground was a bit more of a challenge. Stroller are not supposed to be on escalators, but everyone was doing it anyway as there often was not a lift. Strollers fly free, so renting one is often more of a hassle & a it can add up quickly. Having the stroller for a 2 year old was essential when walking as many miles/day as we did and for napping on the go and going into and out of museums. Aside from the underground, London was mostly stroller friendly with convenient ramps and lifts in most of the museums.