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Stonehenge moved

I wonder if Wales is going to want it back? Clearly these people didn't follow the RS guide to light packing.

But new research reveals that several centuries later, their
descendants took down many of the giant stones and hauled them 200
kilometers to the Salisbury Plain, where they created what is still
the world’s most iconic prehistoric stone monument: Stonehenge.

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This is an amazing story. But couldn't they have moved it closer to London so more people can get there faster to see it? ;-)

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particularly fun to see the groups of school kids hauling a rock with the aid of a sled and a LOT of rope

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Oh, that is interesting! Thanks to all for the articles.

I also had no idea they could measure when light last hit dirt...

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"That bit about dating from the light emitted from quartz in the soil blew my mind! How do you discover that?!"

Emma!! I KNOW! I reread that several times to make sure I was reading it right. Wow....

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Truly fascinating. Incredible to see the computer simulated "fit" of the stone from today's site back to the original site.

Imagine contemplating the move: "honey, do you think we can take the stones to the new place?"

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Are they say'en Stonehenge isn't "Original" Oh, heck, why even care about it if its a repro! LOL.... :)

Ignore the Windows Activation request on the BBC2 Youtube vid. Its not you. Its embedded in the Vid. :)

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In an old Sci-Fi novel someone builds a duplicate Stonehenge right next to the existing one. And it appears over night, the scientists can’t tell them apart except by location.
When asked why they don’t take down the duplicate down someone points out if they could duplicate it over night what is to say they didn’t move the original and put the duplicate in its place?