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Spas in Bath

Has anyone been to a spa in Bath for a massage/facial/etc.? I'll have about a day and a half in Bath before the start of the England tour and thought it would be fun to spend a couple of hours at a spa, particularly after a looong flight and a bus/train journey (not to mention what I know will be an extremely stressful few weeks at work prior to my departure).

I looked briefly at the Thermae Bath Spa website. It's definitely appealing, though it's possibly a bit pricey.

If anyone has recommendations, I'd love to hear (read!) them.

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We've been to Thermae. It is expensive but we like experiential travel and to enjoy the natural waters in Bath made sense. Some people spend money on taxis because they are afraid of public transportation. We save that money by using public transport and then allocate it to things like the Thermae. So it is up to you.

Edited to add from your question below, Teresa -- I really did enjoy Thermae. The rooftop pool was great. The views themseles while enjoying the hot bubbly water were fantastic. If you're like us, sightseeing is a very physical activity and to enjoy a spa in Bath of all places to relax and take in the atmosphere was an experience we will always remember. It just felt good.

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We just got back from a trip to England that included hiking in Dorset followed by 3 days in Bath. Our first stop after dropping bags at our Bath hotel was a nice soak in hot water! We chose the Cross spa rather than Thermae for two reasons: hotter water (at least according to the RS guide) and less expensive. We spent about an hour in the very pleasant warm water. It's no frills but they provide towels, robes, and flip flops that you can keep. It's open air so bring a hat or sunglasses, or just stay in the shade as we did.

We decided not to do massages or facials; if that's essential for you then Cross spa won't work. But we enjoyed it very much.

Have a great trip!