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South England-Wales-Edinburgh - 19 days

Hi everyone,

This is my first post here and I would appreciate any recommendations I can get. I have taken some time looking at the forums but decided to post given that our situation is a bit more unique since we are travelling with a baby.

I will be travelling in August by car with my wife and baby son (he will be just under 1). We are starting in Weymouth for a wedding and ending our trip in Edinburgh. I have prepared a rough plan below but would love everyone's input to try and solidify an itinerary.

Other than our flights we’ve not yet booked anything. This is a bit of a tricky post since it isn’t exclusively England, but hoping you can help anyway.

Our interests are varied, but mainly we are looking at having a relaxing vacation exploring castles and other sites, small towns, and eating some great food. I love to drive so will definitely be taking the scenic route where possible and driving through small towns and hamlets. Also wouldn't mind stopping at some fun/unique festivals along the way if you can suggest any.

Also, I was wondering what everyone thinks about booking accommodation in advance. I realize it is the high season so I probably will, unless the consensus is otherwise, as I much prefer travelling where the wind takes us rather than having a rigid itinerary.

Keeping in mind we will be travelling with a baby, I look forward to all of your suggestions!

The rough plan is below, but nothing is set in stone other than start/end dates:
- Aug 12 leave Weymouth
- 2 nights in Cotswolds
- Onto Wales for a few nights (Caernarfon and Conwy for sure, debating on the south and/or Snowdonia)
- Over to York
- Up through Lake District (or Durham)
- Stop at Hadrian's Wall
- Up to Stirling
-~Aug 26-30 end in Edinburgh

Thanks everyone!

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You don’t say how long you are staying in the Weymouth area. Weymouth is in the county of Dorset = one of the most attractive parts of the UK with plenty to see - such as :> Abbotsbury sub-tropical gardens, Lulworth Cove & Durdle Dor (spectacular cliffs/beaches), the Cerne Abbas Giant. (Google them).

PS. Don't forget to read past posts on the Wales & Scotland forums.

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Hi James thanks for the reply. We will be in Weymouth for about a week from the 6th to the 12th and will definitely be doing day trips from there, but since we will be with my sister’s husband’s family we figured they will tell us where to go around there. That’s why I’m just looking for ideas for the trip up to Edinburgh (where we will once again be with different family).